Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Niagara People: The New Farmers - Ryan and Amanda at Creek Shore Farms

In August of last year I posted about a gentleman who had an amazing garden in his backyard, and made the observation that this sort of thing is dying out, due to lack of interest from younger generations. Well, not completely...

Enter the new farmers – Ryan and Amanda operate Creek Shore Farms in Jordan, Ontario. Husband and wife, both are 20-somethings and really enjoy farming. Its second year in operation, Creek Shore Farms is well on its way. Currently, the farms main focus is sustainably grown vegetables, sold at local markets and through a CSA, or community supported agriculture, program. Any interested individuals can purchase a CSA share at the beginning of the growing season and then, every week over the course of 23 weeks from mid May to October, receive a box of freshly harvested vegetables. By purchasing a CSA share, you are becoming a member of the farm (without the hard work that goes along with farming!).

The CSA allows for you to experience what it means to eat locally and sustainably. The farm is pesticide free and all natural. Along with the vegetables, the farm raises chickens (who produce eggs), Newfoundland Sheep (for meat and wool), Muscovy ducks and White Embden geese. These different animals work together and provide their own help around the farm. The sheep produce manure to fertilize the vegetables, eliminating the need for chemical fertilizers; the Muscovy ducks eat the flies that would flourish in an environment with only sheep.

At one point during our shoot I asked Ryan to pick up a sheep. He happily obliged, grabbed a sheep, and said, now what? I told him to do whatever it is you do when you pick up a sheep. According to Ryan, you don't normally pick up sheep! Ugh, a city slicker visits the farm... :)

 If you're interested in becoming part of the CSA or would just like to find out more about Creek Shore Farms, visit their home on the web at

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