Monday, December 20, 2010

Help-Portrait: Epilogue

The photos have been taken, they've been delivered. 

Working in conjunction with Community Care of St. Catharines and with a generous donation from PenFinancial Credit Union, 52 families/154 people had their portraits made on December 4th. Each family was provided with an 8x10 of the family photo and a CD of the rest of their images, free of charge. One family I photographed had never had a family portrait done before; another gentleman noted that he had never had a picture taken with his wife.

Ideally, when someone comes to a Help-Portrait event they have hair and makeup completed (if they'd like), as well as receive their print on-site. Because of the small contingent of Help-Portrait Niagara volunteers (4 photographers) prints had to be delivered two weeks after the actual photo shoot date. This is all fine and good - but next year we'd like to make it bigger! If you would be interested in helping, shoot me an email! We'll be looking for hair stylists, makeup artists, digitechs (to offload images, edit and print) and anyone else who wants to participate, no matter your skill! Even if you just want to lend a helping hand any way you can, chat with the people in for portraits, etc. it's all good! If helping out directly isn't for you, cash donations are also a big help - this year our major expenditure was for the rental of equipment - not all participating photographers have studio equipment hanging around.

This year, with only 4 photographers, 154 people were provided with a portrait in time for the holidays, that they could share with their family and friends - a portrait that they otherwise may not have been able to have done. Just think how many could be sent home next year with smiles on their faces and portraits in their hands, with your help! Tell your family, tell your friends, tell everyone :)

Photo: Marty Mako

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Life Abroad said...

Hi Paul! Congratulations on your engagement! Cinque Terre was amazing, and very close to Pisa and Milan. Definitely worth a 3 or 4-day visit. It is a photographer's dream!