Saturday, August 07, 2010

Niagara People: Tony and his Garden

I had the pleasure once again of shooting some images of another interesting individual. Tony has the grandest backyard garden I have ever seen, and likely will ever see. Essentially it takes up the whole back yard. Corn, 15 foot (jack and the) bean stalks, peppers, lettuce, figs, 3 varieties of tomatoes, apples, pears and more I am quite sure all grow like mad under his care.

Photographers like JoeyL go to far off places like Ethiopia to document ways of living that are very likely soon to disappear off the face of the earth (I certainly don't have any beef with this, huge fan of Joey's work). Often no one considers that even at home, in our backyards, certain ways of life will also likely succumb to the same societal changes. As the older generations get older they can’t handle the work of such a backyard farm, and often their kids don’t carry on the practice. Tony’s wife is slowing down and can no longer help out – freezing and canning what the garden produces, to last almost a year, as she has done in the past.

Tony is proud of his garden and the fact that it costs no money to run. I don’t blame him, it’s very impressive. Rain is collected in multiple containers to water the plants, seeds are kept from the current year to start next years plants, and what is preserved can essentially last until the next year, when the process starts over again.

As far as lighting here, just simple again – octabox with studio light as main light in both images. The first image has a speedlight camera left in the garden to illuminate the beanstalks along the left of the frame. No extremely awesome sketch to post this time, as I didn't know what the back yard looked like before I got there.

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Mike said...

Great images and a wonderful story. You don't see gardens like this anymore and it reminds me of an old girlfriend who had grandparents who kept a garden very similar.

An elderly couple from Niagara Falls, they had EVERYTHING in their garden and nothing went to waste. Harvest time brought sureal amounts of delecious fruits and veggies.

Ever since I've always tried to keep my own little corner garden going wherever i may live. While small in comparison it is still very rewarding.