Sunday, August 22, 2010

Call for interesting people

I know there are lots of interesting people living in Niagara. I'm putting out a call to see if anyone can recommend an individual or individuals who may be interested in having their portrait taken and telling me a bit about themselves and whatever it is they do - gardening, wood working, instrument playing, dog walking, bike riding, contraption inventing, tasty food baking, animal raising, anything! Lots of peoples' hobbies may seem regular and run of the mill to themselves - but chances are, to many others, it's just plain interesting.

So again, if there is anyone out there who is interesting in having a portrait taken and sitting down with me a for a bit to tell me a story or otherwise ramble on, or you know someone who may be interested, please drop me a line, either by leaving a comment here, sending an email though the contact page at my website, dropping a tweet @cimagery, or commenting on the cimagery facebook page. My only condition is that this is a collaboration, so you'll need to want to have your portrait taken, and that you are aware your story and images will appear here on the blog!

A photo of what an interesting person may look like :)

1 comment:

Katie Walters said...

Hey Paul, is this still on? I'm interested. Although I don't know if I'm interesting or not.