Thursday, January 07, 2010

Niagara Photography - Three Trees

Not much to say about this image really. Was just walking around downtown Welland and saw it. Really photogenic wall. Funny thing is, I was walking with a friend of mine and his first response to the wall was "I can't believe they haven't done anything to fix that up yet". Meanwhile, I quite liked it how it was.
I hope that you keep checking in over the next little while. Going to be a whole bunch of changes. If you are a fan of Cimagery on facebook you probably noticed the first small change, sort of giving an inkling of what's to come.

1 comment:

Terry said...

these trees are wonderful.
the snow sparkling on their pretty pine leaves takes away any dreariness that the normal person would see. and the bench is inviting someone to sit on it even though it is a cool day, and just rest a while i never even noticed the old wall and besides i don't even like the idea that welland is tearing down history and making room for the new..way, way too sad!
i think i am going to really enjoy going through your blog..your photos are every bit as good as mr. bogners', who took my husband and my wedding pictures almost 38 years ago!
keep up the good work, it is a gift from god......from terry