Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Back in town

For the past few days (since Saturday) I've been up north taking a short vacation with photography in mind. I meant to mention it here before I left, but didn't get around to it. Any trip that results in at least one good image is a trip that was fully worth it, in my opinion. I'm very happy with one image especially that I captured out on the lake (did I mention I also become a fair rowboat operator?). It's the first image presented below. The next two were also taken the same night, but the first crosses the finish line before them in my eyes. The sun was setting fast.

I went out the next night in hope of capturing a more breath-taking sunset, however there was no colour at all that night.

A thousand shots can be taken of the same landmark or attraction, however the shot that comes out above the rest will have a beautiful sky that happened to co-operate for the photographer at the time.

Hope you enjoy these shots, I'll be looking through others that I shot and likely posting some more.

1 comment:

Terry said...

these pictures are fantastic...so real...just like a person was there!
i have so little time but i am coming back to look at your blog...from terry