Sunday, February 21, 2010

Welcome to the new Cimagery!

It's taken a while, but hey, I'm back! As you can see, there are some big changes are far as visuals go, around the blog and also around the site. If you haven't checked out the new site yet, have a look at the new Cimagery! You can also click the create/collaborate banner above, it will bring you to the main site as well. Hit the jump below for more.

Continuing the tour of the new, to the right you'll see some buttons that will bring you to my twitter stream as well as the cimagery facebook page. The last button links to my imagekind area.

As far as twitter goes, don't expect any updates on what I had for breakfast (you'd probably just think I was weird after hearing what I have for breakfast anyway!), but I'll be tweeting about upcoming shoots, new blog posts and industry news. Also expect some retweets from others in the industry that I follow myself.

The cimagery facebook page gives me a place that makes it easy for you to interact with me, and vice versa. If you aren't a fan yet, hit the link at the right and sign up :)

As far as future blog posts go, I am going to be getting away from just posting single images with a line of text or so. In the future expect longer posts with text in a sort of story form to accompany one or a few images. This also means the frequency of posts won't be as it used to be, but hopefully that what is posted is more interesting and engaging.

I hope that you make yourself at home, and continue to check in every so often!

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