Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Animal Faces? Zoic Visage? Wild Countenance?

So back on August 20th I again hinted about a project I had going on. And that was the last you heard of that until... now.

Every time I hinted at the upcoming project, I included a photo of an animal... or, more specifically (at least I think) an animal face. And there you have it, with lots of fanfare - the project that I've been working on is actually a coffee table book that will essentially be a study of animal faces, with an emphasis on eye contact.

As you might guess from the title of this post, I don't have a title for the book yet. But hey, that's too come right?
As far as details go, I'll be working with a friend of mine who will be doing some writing for the book, both globally applicable to the book and image specific. I didn't limit myself in any way to the type of animals that I captured, so you'll see animals from all over - African animals to cows that live a few houses away from me.

I have a solid set of images at the moment, but may add a few more. By no means is the book a comprehensive source of hundreds or thousands of animals faces. It will likely be finalized between 30 and 50 pages.

So... keep checking back for into on this! The book will likely be for sale online, if you are interested in something to plop down on the coffee table.

And what would be this announcement with one from the collection?

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