Sunday, November 19, 2006

Photographers day?

I got out today to Balls Falls in Vineland, Ontario, for some shooting. I tell ya, it was like photographers day there, people with cameras were everywhere. At one point I had to wait half an hour or so for two medium/large format photographers to finish shooting in a spot I wanted to be. I met some cool people though, and ended up with a few keepers. (I'll shout out to Mr. Bacon here)

The shot I had went to get though, I didn't get. I wanted to shoot the upper falls from the left side, but the water was really high and it was incredibly slippery as I was crawling forward along the streams edge, trying to get up to the falls. At one point the ground under me gave way and I slid a ways down a slope on my back. At least there was a decent amount of leaves around, which kept me from getting caked in mud and cutting my trip short. (Full contact photography?)

The image below is of the upper falls I was talking about, but from a completely different vantage point from what I had imagined.

Did you check out What the Duck yet? If not, do it! :)

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