Saturday, August 19, 2006

Extra! Extra! CAL blows crowd away

Again last night at Zooz in Stevensville, Classic Albums Live literally blew the whole crowd away with Dark Side of the Moon. It was amazing. Just amazing. I can't type how amazing it was. Zooz likely had the largest crowd yet this year, with only one more album to go on September 1st, Rush's Moving Pictures. I'll take a guess and say the crowd was in the 4500-5000 range.

The opening act was someone named Dayna Manning - she's been on the Lilith Fair tour previously, as well as a Juno nominee. She was just on stage along with her guitar - she was really good as well. I had meant to stop by and talk to her on the way out, but the MC of the event had said the wrong location regarding where she was at, and I walked right past her on the way out, but then had looked back and saw her behind me. Anyway, I was in the car to leave, and it was taking horribly long to get out because of the massive amount of people at the show, so I told the driver he wouldn't be moving far, and jumped out and ran back inside the amphitheathre to say hi to Dayna. She's an extremely nice person, and I bought one of her CD's, which she signed for me. Definately check her out if she's playing in your area, incredible voice.

They just seem to keep moving the crowd barriers back slightly at Zooz, so I'm always getting farther away for photos. Here's a few I managed to get - CAL shots first, with the lovely Dayna Manning at the end.

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